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13essentials Product Results

Hobbyists and professional growers around the country are using 13 Essentials foliar feeding system and are amazed by the results! For larger, denser, stickier, tastier, more aromatic buds, these happy clients have harnessed the power of nano-scale technology and are growing healthier, bigger plants than ever before! Here’s what our satisfied clients have to say about 13 Essentials :

"I received your trial bottle a couple months ago and am very pleased so far. I have bigger, frostier flowers!
I administered the final nutrient feed a couple days ago and I am beginning to flush..."
-Paul H.


"I can’t believe the difference, but the pictures don’t lie! I will be repotting them in a few days.”

Sharon R. California USA

This is a fern in my yard that has always looked anemic for last 12 years. This winter I got a sample of 13essentials here is what it did in about 5 weeks after 5 sprays!

– Brandy N. California USA

“I got this from my macronutrient mix + 13 Essentials. I understand that typically you will see 7 to 9 leaflets in this Sativa strain so 11 is a sign of extremely vigorous burst of vegetative growth.”

-Dave D. Vancouver BC

“Just a little update! This morning I went to check on the seedlings I had planted, I don’t know, maybe five days ago they were already sprouted but I sprayed them with 13 essentials and they just took off! Check out the pictures; I can’t believe the growth in two days…

You see the difference and check out these seedlings the picture of the one in front didn’t get spray and the one in the back did get sprayed.”

-Green Thumb Mom

“This my grow with 13essentials. Compared to my last grow, they just look all around better. More green growth Greener . Great Stuff!”

-Dave M. Springfield, OR

“I got my sample and I love it. I will be ordering a bottle soon!”

-William V, USA

"It does awesome, using it on everything indoor and out now."

-Dave L, Colorado

"Works great!!!"

-Bernie S, Colorado

"Works great for me!"

-Tim L, Massacdusetts

"I have had no burn or problems.. My plants seem to love it."

Cedric K, Mississippi

"1 1/2 foot tall a little over 5 foot wide indoor at a perfect humid free (80 degrees). Working great on mine!"

-Jim C, Michigan

"I picked my most deficient plant and sprayed it with 13essentials a couple of times for 3 consecutive days. From my "before" and "after" pics you can definitely tell it's working. I also appreciate that it's not extremely potent. I sprayed it a couple times per day for 3 days and got those results with no burning or crinkling. I think my plant will improve further as I continue to spray."

-Scott E, USA

"Very nice addition for my grow in general, especially awesome for seedlings, clones and seeds. Clones stay green with no effort and seedlings are lush and healthy from the very first dicots Very nice product." :-)

-Andrea V, USA

Get it, it works!”

-Johnathon O, USA

Hi 13 Essentials, this is my crop! Thanks for the free sample! By the way, the problem i was having was heat related. Fixed the issues and there they are! 2 months old.

Nito A. NY, USA

Absolutely love the nutrients in 13 essentials. I was fortunate to receive a free sample bottle. This has been the best season by far. My three 4-yr-old ladies Iook healthy and are regenerating . Awesome product; it was a sweet, sticky, heavy harvest.

Bert P. HI, USA

“I used it twice on my plants before putting them outside. I was surprised to see how many more roots there were on these than were on the plants I had transferred without using 13essentials. this is going to be part of my regular routine now. this is what was missing just sprayed my seedlings with it because I am at the third leaf. I was going to try it sooner but was not sure if it would be safe, I will keep you updated!

“I have received the promo product. and it works better than my floralicious concentrate on my hops plants. Seeds love it! After they have been lightly scratched, they pop the next day. As for clones and cutting for my aquaponic garden, it works great as foliar and does not harm my gold fish or bass. In all, I enjoy the product I have received, and definitely plan on buying more. I’ll be posting results on my best bud’s channel on YouTube!”

-Diego M. New Mexico USA

“I can’t believe the difference! I couldn’t have imagined something working so well, but it did!”

-Patton B, USA

“I’m loving this it seems to be fire!!! Just hoping that it taste great too. Expect an honest full review come fall..thanks 13essentials!!!”

-Jim Lewis, USA

“After four weeks of feeding my seedlings once a week o can all ready see a huge different in health n size…loving this so far!!! Thank you 13 Essentials!!!

-Jim L. Maine USA

“I wish I could post a picture right now. Went from having a terrible grow with all sorts of problems. After three weeks the rate of new healthy disease free growth is actually kind of ridiculous. Just a complete turn around. Package also came with the top cap broken. They not only replaced the top cap but gave me a free bottle to say sorry. Package arrived very quickly after I emailed. That is exceptional customer service. So not only is the result of using the product absolutely amazing. So is the customer service. This will be a staple in my garden for a long time. Thanks guys. I am extremely happy with this company.”

-Anthony K, USA

I intend on using it on all of my vegetables in my garden this year.

I also tried the sample you guys sent me and noticed the changes right away! your product actually works very well.

“Just wanted to send you a quick synopsis of the subjective results from spraying 13 Essentials foliar feeding system during the bloom cycle of the cannabis plants. As I mentioned previously, I have occasionally used foliar sprays during the bloom cycle but never after week 3 of the cycle. I chose to use the foliar spray as the plants were showing signs of deficiencies. I sprayed the foliar starting at the beginning of week 4 of a 9 week flowering cycle. The plants were sprayed twice and then once per week for 4 weeks. It should also be noted that these plants had also received 3 foliar applications of 13 Essentials during their vegetative cycle.

That said, I have grown this particular strain of plant for several years and I have never seen this strain produce such large, dense, and very aromatic flowers. I do not have empirical size data, however, subjectively I would say the top flower clusters were roughly 25% larger than anything I had experience previously for this strain of cannabis. Additionally, the yield by dried weight was larger than normal as well. If I had to guess I would say 15-20% increase in weight. A colleague of mine, who has also grown this strain, was quite impressed when he saw the size and density of the buds. In fact he told me they were the largest single flowers he had seen in person.”

Guy D. Michigan, USA.

"Holy smokes!!! Had a plant turning yellow.. had blotches on a few leaf. Use the open bottle I had,(had opened 13 essentials sample to do a side by side of my holy grail clones), and sprayed the plant in major distress. That was 2 hours ago.. she is green now. I'm sold... amazing results."

Joe Z, USA