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Product Instructions

13essen Product Instructions

13essen is a revolutionary indoor grow feed system that is as easy to use as it is effective. The balanced nanoscale foliar feeding system can be used for all plants, whether grown in soil, hydroponically, or via any other media such as coco. Once you begin using 13essen in your grow regimen, you will begin to see dramatic improvement and noticeable results in plant growth when you follow these simple instructions for use:

  • 13essen should be applied as a spray on both sides of the leaves once per week in the morning for outdoor plants and at the start of the lighting cycle for indoor crops to promote increased plant growth.
  • Dilute 1 teaspoon (5ml) of 13essen in one gallon of water to prepare the spray. Shake spray bottle well before drawing the dose.
  • 13essen cannot be premixed with water for later use. Spray 13essen on both sides of the leaves of your plants within 2 hours of mixing.
  • 13essen should be sprayed once a week during the vegetative and flowering stages of the plant.
  • It is safe to apply 13essen with grow lights on, as it does not contain nitrogen.

For more information, follow the instructions on the 13essen label, or contact us with any questions or comments about increased plat growth.

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