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First Time User

If this is your first time ordering 13essen foliar feed system, get ready to be amazed by the beautiful, healthy crops you are about to yield! Here is a little 13essen crash course to make your experience with our product the very best. We know you will be blown away by the difference in the health and size of your plants when you use 13essen!

How Does 13essen Work?

13essen uses nano-scale technology to get the nutrients and micronutrients that are absolutely essential to the growth and development of your crops right where it is needed most! Unlike other grow feed products, 13essen is sprayed right onto the stomata of each leaf of your plants, which allows the nutrients to be absorbed more completely than other plant growth food, which embeds the nutrients into the soil. By spraying both sides of each of your plants with 13essen once a week, you will notice a huge difference in the size, density and aroma of the buds, not to mention the overall improved health and quality of the blooms. Think of it like health food for your crops- now that they’re eating right, they’re about to get buff!

How Do I Prepare 13essen Prior to Spraying My Plants?

It’s pretty easy- I teaspoon (5 ml) of 13 Essentials should be diluted in 1 gallon of water and sprayed on both sides of the leaves once a week in the morning for outdoor plants and at the start of lighting cycle for indoor plants. Shake the bottle well before drawing the dose. Do not premix 13 Essentials with water for later use. Diluted material must be sprayed within 2 hours of mixing.

How Will My Plants Benefit From 13essen?

Because of the incredibly small size of its particles, 13essen is able to penetrate the leaf through the stomata, which boosts the efficiency of the natural process of photosynthesis by making all essential nutrients and micronutrients more readily available. Greater photosynthesis efficiency increases plant health and improves resistance to disease. Additionally, bioavailable silica in 13essen makes plants rigid and more erect leading to further increase in photosynthesis. Increased photosynthesis captures more carbon from the atmosphere and liquid carbon goes down to the root zone from where it oozes out to feed the microbial life. Microbes and fungi, fed on carbon break down the bonds of chemicals which then become bioavailable to the plants and fix atmospheric nitrogen. In other words, 13essen enhances the already-amazing natural process of plant photosynthesis by boosting the availability of the vital nutrients and micronutrients that work to aid the process. (In other words, 13essen works to grow bigger, better plants because science.)

Where Can I Find 13essen?

13essen is available in these fine retail stores, or you may purchase it online.

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