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New Regulations and How They Affect Growers

California was the first state to change the cannabis law and legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes only. That was in 1996. Twenty-seven other states have joined the bandwagon since then with eight more states approving cannabis for recreational use. Cannabis laws vary from state-to-state, so it is always important to be current on the latest information regarding the laws in your state. Another thing to consider is that, while there are all of these states that have legalized cannabis use, the federal government still considers cannabis to be a Schedule I narcotic, like heroin. When it comes to the new cannabis regulations and how they affect growers, some cannabis laws have a big impact while others ar
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Irrigation Tips & Tricks

Hydroponic irrigation is so easy, thus its ever-increasing popularity. This is because hydroponic irrigation delivers the plant’s much-needed water. Not too much water or the plant’s roots will suffer. This is because hydroponic cannabis plants rely on oxygen from the air pockets located in whatever substance the plant is grown in, including Hydrocorn, expanded shale rock, Rockwool, etc. When a plant is overwatered, these pockets become clogged and the plant begins to droop as it starts to suffocate. When a hydroponic plant isn’t watered enough, the nutrients become weak, the process of photosynthesis is damaged, the plant begins to dry up and possibly even die. The beauty of hydropic irrigation is that wateri
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Recognizing Snake Oil Salesmen

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and more products are developed—including all types of fertilizers, snake oil salesmen are on the rise. With claims that their cannabis additives are top notch, they sell substandard products with no concern for  growers sincere and committed desire to grow a healthy, productive plant. Not only is this frustrating for growers, it can be dangerous for their plants, especially when the growers purchase a product that they have no idea what type of nutrients are, or are not, included. When it comes to cannabis additives, each nutrient should be understood for exactly what it does to support plant growth or an imbalance could
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Best Cannabis Trade Shows This Summer

Along with all the fun Summer brings, it's also a great time for cannabis trade shows, and this year is no exception. When it comes to great cannabis trade shows, here are our top picks: CannaCon – this trade shows bills itself as one of the “best and brightest” when it comes to everything cannabis. Whether you are a business owner or a curious consumer, this is where many of the latest cannabis insights, trends and products are available. Held at the Hynes Convention Center, from July 13th – 15th,
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